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Joint Submissions

Joint dossiers for three glycerides, representing a wide range of chemically modified oils and fats have been submitted for registration by the lead companies within the REVODS Consortium. The three submissions are for the following substances:
EC 266-946-3: Glycerides C8-18, and C18 unsatd.
EC 268-084-3: Glycerides C16-18
EC 268-083-8: Glycerides C16-22

Details on the modified oils and fats that are likely to be covered by these registrations are available in the SIEFs section on this website.

Any companies with obligations to register substances covered by these dossiers before the 2010 deadline are reminded of the need to complete the SIEF agreement(s) that are available in the SIEF section for each substance (where instructions for completion and return are also provided).

Access keys to each registration will be provided to companies once they have returned completed agreements and have paid the LoA fees.

Estimated (maximum) LoA costs per substance are also available via the SIEF section.

Access to SIEFs section

New Guidance for Annex V Exemptions

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has published its Guidance for Annex V exemptions from the obligation to register. The document is now available in the Guidance section of the ECHA website. The guidance aims to provide detailed explanation and background information on how the different legal exemptions apply and to give clarification about when an exemption can be applied. Annex V describes the exemption conditions from the obligation to register in accordance with Article 2(7)(b) of the REACH Regulation. REACH Article 2(7)(b) sets out general criteria for exempting substances covered by Annex V from the registration, downstream user and evaluation requirements.

Companies wishing to benefit from the exemption of "Vegetable fats, vegetable oils, vegetable waxes; animal fats, animal oils, animal waxes; fatty acids from C6 to C24 and their potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium salts; glycerol" under the conditions set out in annex V(9) are invited to refer to this new guidance for further clarifications.

Regulation (EC) 987/2008 - REACH Annexes IV and V

ECHA Press release 01.04.10

ECHA Guidance for Annex V Exemptions...