Aim & Activities

Aim & Activities

The Members of the Consortium joined forces to facilitate, as efficiently as possible with regards to financial and human resources, compliance of Members with their legal obligations under the REACH Regulation imposed on the substances covered by the Consortium.

More specifically, the Members aim to achieve preparation and submission of core data for a joint Registration of the Substances covered by the Consortium. To that effect, they undertook to review, collect and share existing data, fill data gaps, and share the costs incurred in developing missing data in accordance with the provisions of the Consortium Agreement.

The members are also ready to undertake to prepare collectively argumentations concerning the identification, if any, of one or several substances as SVHC in the context of title VII, or applications for Authorisation to the Agency if such authorisations become necessary.

In addition, the Members also developed series of technical and legal argumentations to support the exemption of some of their oil-derived substances, when the REACH Regulation allow for such exemptions from registration.

In order to fulfill all these aims, the Consortium also has to review, valuate and develope expertise on existing methods that may be of relevance for the Registration of its substances.