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Assembly / General Meetings

  • The Assembly includes all Members of the Consortium. Although consensus is the general rule within the Consortium, formal voting procedure is applied when consensus cannot be reached. Each Member has one voting right.
  • The Assembly as such does not meet in face-to-face on regular bases. Formal votes or Requests for Information are circulated electronically to the Assembly each time it is necessary.
  • General "Face-to-Face" Meetings are arranged in Brussels by agreement with the membership as often as necessary for the progress of the different tasks. Each Member of the Consortium is entitled to have at least one representative in this General Meeting. Representatives in the General Meeting are appointed by Assembly members. This General Meeting adresses any outstanding practical issue of the Consortium, either organizational or technical. Consultants of the Consortium takes part to the meeting when necessary. Strategic issues are presented as well and members representatives are invited to provide comments.
  • Following the General Meeting, minutes are prepared and circulated to the representatives in the General Meeting and the Assembly. Formal votes, requests for information, approval and endorsement are submitted accordingly to the Assembly.

Steering Committee

  • The Steering Committee is composed of 3 Assembly Representatives elected by the Assembly. They are chosen to represent as far as possible the various categories of Members in the Consortium.
  • A Chairperson is appointed to coordinate the activities of the Steering Committee and Assembly, and organize their work with the Secretariat.
  • The Steering Committee meets frequently by phone, and a face to face meeting is scheduled before any General Meeting.
  • The Steering Committee, in coordination with the Secretariat, is in contact with other Consortia and consultants of the Consortium.

Working Groups

The Consortium has set up several working groups to gather expertise necessary to address some specific issues. These groups are composed of Members' technical experts appointed by the Assembly.

  • Technical Working Group I : In charge of technical issues regarding oil distillates-like substances.
  • Technical Working Group II : In charge of technical issues regarding processed oils.
  • Communication Working Group : In charge of implementing the communication set up by the Consortium.

Working Groups are assisted by a team of technical experts from the consultants of the Consortium and are working under the supervision of the Steering Committee. Reports are presented during the General Meetings.

Consortium management & REACH services teams

Daily administration and management of the Consortium are performed by Keller and Heckman LLP, in coordination with the Steering Committee.

The Consortium also works with several Technical, Legal, Financial, and IT services providers.