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EC 273-179-8: Soaps, stocks, vegetable-oil, acidulated

This is the SIEF Communication platform for the substance identified in the EC Inventory (former EINECS) as follows:

  • EC Number: 273-179-8
  • EC Name: Soaps, stocks, vegetable-oil, acidulated
  • EC Description: A complex combination of fatty acids, neutral vegetable-oil, proteins, and other minor components produced by boiling vegetable-oil soapstock with mineral acid and, optionally, further separating the oil phase acidulated soapstock from the aqueous phase.

Latest news: November 26th, 2010 - Lead Registrant Loders Croklaan B.V. received confirmation that the Dossier successfully reached the end of the pipeline and is considered complete.

  • Joint Dossier status: Dossier reached end of the pipeline and considered complete by ECHA (26/11/2010)
  • Current SIEF status: Running, since 02/11/2010
  • Lead Registrant: Loders Croklaan B.V. (02/11/2010)
  • Specification for sameness: Agreed (05/11/2010)
  • SIEF Agreement: Available (see below)
  • LoA Cost : Evaluation pending (see below)
  • Number of SIEF members: 3 members

Brief description of the substance

Acidulated soap stocks are a by-product of oil and fat refining, produced by the treatment of oils and fats with alkali and water followed by acidulation to liberate the fatty acids and glycerides, which are then separated from the aqueous layer.

Typically, acidulated soap stocks are comprised mainly of fatty acids and glycerides, in varying proportions.

Specification for sameness

The REVODS Consortium prepared the following Specification for the identification and generic composition of the substance. For additional information on the substance, please refer to the generic webpage for distillates substances and other derivatives mentionned above.

Lead Registrant

The following company is the Lead Registrant: Loders Croklaan B.V.
For a short presentation of Loders Croklaan B.V., please visit the institutional website of the company.

Paper correspondence (including paper copies of the signed SIEF Agreement) shall be sent to:
Dr Luisa Gambelli
Senior Project Manager
Loders Croklaan BV
Hogeweg 1, 1521 AZ Wormerveer
The Netherlands

SIEF Agreement

A SIEF Agreement is available for signature between each applicant SIEF participant and the Lead Registrant. SIEF membership is confirmed as soon as the Agreement is signed by both the applicant SIEF Member and the Lead Registrant of the SIEF.

Applicants are invited to send two paper copies of the appended SIEF Agreement, filled in with the relevant details and signed by a duly authorized representative, to the Lead Registrant at the postal address mentioned in this SIEF page. The Lead Registrant will then sign these documents: one copy will be sent back to the applicant, and the other will be retained for the archives.

Letter of Access (LoA)

Access to the Joint Submission of this Substance is granted by the Lead Registrant to SIEF Members that have purchased a Letter of Access (LoA) on individual basis per legal entity. Joint Submission name and security token are provided to those companies that have:

  1. Confirmed the SIEF Membership, by sending 2 hard copies of the SIEF Agreement signed and received one of these signed by the Lead Registrant.
  2. Paid the Letter of Access fees. The actual fees will be provided together with the invoicing details on the invoice sent by the Consortium to the SIEF Member once his membership is confirmed.

By fulfilling these two conditions, the SIEF Member will be granted access to the Joint Submission of this Substance. The Member of the Joint Submission remains responsible for confirming his Joint Submission membership in REACH-IT. Member is also responsible for the preparation and the submission of part of the dossier that is not submitted jointly.

Estimation of costs is pending.

SIEF history

  • 02/11/2010: Loder Croklaan B.V. notified ECHA of the creation of the SIEF and its LR status. ECHA confirmed that the notification of LR status has been sucessfully submitted.
  • 18/11/2010: Lead Registrant Loder Croklaan B.V. submitted the joint dossier, the dossier is progressing through the ECHA completeness checks. Access to the joint submission is available to SIEF members.
  • 26/11/2010: Lead Registrant Loder Croklaan B.V. received confirmation that the Joint Dossier successfully reached the end of the pipeline and is considered complete.

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