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Joining REVODS in practice

Accordingly, in practice, in order to join the Consortium, any company will have to complete the following steps:

  • 1) Ensure that it meets the Membership criteria:
    Each applicant is responsible to guarantee that he fulfills all the criteria. The Consortium, its Members or the Secretariat shall not be held liable or responsible for the consequences resulting from the applicant’s mistake or negligence in relation to the membership criteria.
  • 2) Fill in and send to the Secretariat the Signature Folio to the Consortium Agreement:(Appendix 2.A),
    pursuant to which the applicant agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of the Agreement and declares that it meets the criteria for Membership. This Signature Folio validates the Membership status of the signing member. A copy of this document in a Word format is available for download for your convenience.
  • 3) Sign the confidentiality agreement (Appendix 3).
    Note this confidentiality agreement creates obligations for the members to disclose data.
  • 4) Pay its membership fees
    An estimate to these membership fees can be requested at any time to the Secretariat of the Consortium.

To facilitate your joining to the Consortium the following documents are available for download:

You may contact the Consortium if you need for some additional information.

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