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Joining REVODS

We thank you for your interest in joining the REVODS Consortium. You will find below a comprehensive guidance of the procedure to join the Consortium: Membership criteria, the admission procedure as well as admission fees.

  • Membership criteria
    The REVODS Consortium is open to any manufacturer or importer of vegetable oils/fats and certain derivatives (see substances list for more detailed information) established within or outside the European Union, which intends to register those substances under REACH. The Consortium is also open to any legal entity controlling directly or indirectly such a EU or non-EU manufacturer or importer of those substances.
  • Admission procedure and fees
    Any operator meeting the membership criteria may at any time join the Consortium. Admission after 1st February 2009 will be subject to a specific admission procedure and to the proportionate and transparent compensation of human and financial resources invested by the existing members of the Consortium (refer to Article 9 of the Consortium Agreement). An estimate to the admission fees can be requested at any time.

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