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Membership criteria

The Membership criteria are settled by Article 8 of the Consortium Agreement.

The following legal entities may become Members of the Consortium by adhering to terms and conditions of the REVODS Consortium Agreement and by signing the Declaration of Accession to this Agreement set forth in the form of Appendix 2.A to this Agreement.

  • Any legal entity manufacturing the Substances covered by this Agreement in the EU or outside the EU;
  • Any legal entity importing the Substances covered by this Agreement into the EU;
  • Any legal entity controlling directly or indirectly such a Manufacturer, Importer or non-EU Manufacturer of (a) Substance(s) covered by this Agreement,

If necessary, the membership criteria may be amended to ensure compliance with specific EU regulatory or legal requirements.

Joining procedure

The Joining procedure, plus all relevant documents (including the Consortium Agreement and signature pages) are available in the dedicated area.

Should you require other practical information, you may also go through the FAQs. If you fail into finding proper answers in the FAQ section, feel free to contact the Consortium and submit your specific request.