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Joining a SIEF

Should you intend to join a SIEF formed by the REVODS Consortium, we invite you to use this specific form to initiate the process and to follow the next steps described in the following procedure.

To become a member of one of these SIEFs or corresponding Joint Submissions, please follow these few steps:

  1. Contact and inform the REVODS Consortium by filling-in the following SIEF joining form, selecting in the appropriate field the EINECS number of the SIEF from the list of running SIEFs.
  2. The system will confirm to you that your data have been submitted, ensure to use a valid e-mail address. This first step starts the SIEF joining procedure.
  3. Please fill-in and sign 2 (two) hard copies of the SIEF Agreement available in the corresponding SIEF page of the SIEF you wish to join.
  4. Send these hard copies by registered mail or courrier to the Lead Registrant of the corresponding SIEF. Mailing and physical addresses are provided in the SIEF page, together with the identity of the Lead Registrant.
  5. You will be sent a counter-signed copy of the SIEF Agreement by the Lead Registrant, which confirms your actual adhesion to the SIEF.
  6. for Joint Submissions (JS) - Access to JS is available only to SIEF members. The purchase of a Letter of Access (LoA) is necessary to become member of a JS. Security tokens for Joint Submissions are provided to companies once they have returned completed SIEF Agreements and have paid the LoA fees.

Please note that the membership of the SIEF will become effective only once the paper copy of the SIEF Agreement will be signed by your company and counter-signed by the Lead registrant of the SIEF.

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UUID is a regulatory identifier for your company that can be retrieved from your REACH-IT company account and will be necessary for the proper identification of the Registering Legal Entities.